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Theo Stearns, of Catholics United for Life, has written a beautiful booklet on Angela's life and death.

Angela was a young Catholic woman who loved the unborn, who sacrificed to save babies from abortion, who invited and inspired, other young people to get involved in pro-life activities--and who finally prayed for the unborn with her last breath.

This is a story that reveals the mercy of God who gives those who love Him the graces necessary to face the challenge of the culture of death.

I believe this story should be read by all who need inspiration and renewed courage to keep fighting for the lives of the unborn--and that is all of us!

I especially believe it is a story for youth and young adults. Angela lived her love the for the unborn in ways we can all imitate--by a life of prayer and by her witness to love for life in word and deed.

Preparation for the Third Millennium requires both repentance and the fortitude to undertake apostolic works -- Angela is one model of a young person who was a witness for Christ in our culture of death.

Please order a copy for yourself and some additional copies to give away! I am offering bulk prices so that this 24 page booklet with full color photographs can be used for distribution by you, your organization or your youth group.

Theo Strearns

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To order:

#0129 Angela Baird - Princess of the Unborn

The story of a young sidewalk counselor who prayed for the unborn even with her last breath. A 24-page booklet with color illustrations.

  1 COPY   -   $3.00+   FREE S&H
 10 COPIES -  $20.00+  $3.00 S&H
 50 COPIES -  $75.00+ $11.00 S&H
100 COPIES - $125.00+ $18.00 S&H

Mail check or money order to:

Catholics United for Life
New Hope, Kentucky 40052

Include your name, address, phone number, and the number of copies you would like to order.

Angela's Apostolate for the Unborn

Pro-Life Resources

Pro-Life Memorial Fund

The Baird Family has set up a trust fund in order to donate funds to various pro-life causes in Angela's memory. Donations may be sent to:
Angela Baird Memorial
c/oSpokane Teachers Credit Union
P.O. Box 5264
Spokane, WA, USA 99205-0264
Phone: 1-800-858-3750


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