January 14, 1998

Dear Mr. Dillon, Staff, and Students:

Through the tragic death of Angela Baird you lost a saintly young lady; but you gained a saint in Heaven! As a priest for 60 years, I have been in contact intimately with many souls. I must, with all certainty, admit that Angela is in Heaven.

Her name made honor to her saintly soul. All of you, especially the young students, have an example to imitate: purity of soul and body, intense love for Jesus present in the Tabernacle and on His Cross, and tender love and devotion to our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mother of our Divine Saviour.

Her dear parents and family have a great protector in Heaven. I pray to Angela daily to help me to save souls, especially to preserve the virginity of our young Roman Catholics, both males and females, who are flowers of our beloved Roman Catholic Church.

In our Lord and His Blessed Mother,

Your friend,

Rev. Msgr. Tullio Andreatta

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