Shannon Gaffney, a first year student at Thomas Aquinas College, was at Angela's side for over 2 hours in the ravine, after Angela fell, waiting for the rescue team, helicopter and paramedics.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Baird and Family,

Although Angela lived across the hall from me, the most I got to talk to her was the few hours before the helicopter came to the first Punch Bowl. I remember her desire to keep praying throughout that time. I will never forget how beautiful she was even then, as she struggled to keep up as we finished each Hail Mary. Her courage was amazing. I only hope that my last hours are as holy and noble as hers.

We can ask so many questions; I have already, as I am sure you have at least been tempted to. But then, stopping to think, the question is, can you blame God for wanting her with him? Who wouldn't want Angela with them here - on earth: Isn't that why we are so sorrowful? Then how much more could the Father have been looking forward to that night, the night when He finally gets to bring her home to Him...who can blame Him? She must be so beautiful in heaven.

There is no doubt that Angela's death was holy. There must have been so many angels surrounding us on the mountain. And how fitting the prayer she kept wanting to repeat, with the words "...pray for us now and at the hour of our death..." I'm sure the Blessed Mother was holding her close even then.

My only regret that I did not even consider really that she would not survive. I wish I had been able to pass something on to you, her family. She did ask when Mom and Dad were coming; "I want Mom and Dad," she said. And I am sure you've heard that the two intentions that she had were "aborted babies" and "My Dad". She was a beautiful example to me and to everyone who heard of it.

God bless you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and Peace,
Shannon Gaffney

"He suffers much who has loved much."

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